Get Motivated

Get Motivated

For some of us, getting motivated is difficult and it seems we find every possible barrier to doing physical exercise. Here are a few tips to help you find your motivation. 

1. Plan

It is important to plan your weekly exercise. By planning you create a time that is allocated to exercise and this removes the decision making process of whether or not you do it – it just becomes the time you are doing exercise. Create a routine that fits with your lifestyle and doesn’t interrupt or clash with your daily responsibilities. There is no point scheduling exercise when you are expecting a call or during a television program you want to watch. Turn off your phone and shut yourself off from external distractions as much as possible. Headphones can be a great way of doing this.

2. Set Goals

By setting yourself goals you have something to work towards. Be realistic! If you are healthy and able to walk, setting yourself a goal to run 1 kilometre is realistic. You can then increase this to 2 kilometres and slowly increase your goals with each one reached.  You may have a long term goal of running a marathon but to get there and to stay motivated you need to set smaller goals along the way. 

3. Involve your friends

So many of us want to exercise more so involving friends can be a great way to get and stay motivated. Perhaps arrange for a friend to do a fitness DVD with you or go to a class with you. You could walk together or start running together. Use fitness apps to track your distance and speed and use that to motivate you to go further or faster! There is an abundance of Personal Trainers in the UK and many will be happy to train you with a friend, outside or at home. This helps to keep the cost down and with just 2 of you it is still a very personal training experience.

4. Music

There is nothing like a great song to lift your mood! Put together a playlist that runs for the length of time you want to exercise and get going! Fantastic ready made fitness playlists are available on itunes and Spotify.

5. Adapt

Injury can be a huge cause of demotivation, it doesn’t have to be. Keep an open mind and look at alternative forms of exercise such as swimming, yoga and pilates. Depending on your injury you could also focus on the upper or lower body and therefore continue to exercise and both feel and see the benefit of exercise whilst you are recovering from your injury.

It is also important to have a Plan B to your usual routine. Sometimes we just don’t feel like doing what we had planned. In these situations, have an alternative and do that instead. By physically writing down your exercise alternative it will make you more likely to do it rather than just not bother when you are not in the mood.

Make sure to consult a doctor before starting any exercise after injury.

6. Mix it up!

If your motivation is lacking because you have stopped seeing results, introduce something new to your exercise routine. By increasing speed / weight or intensity you can make a real impact. Add some sprints to your run or try lower weight and higher repetitions with your resistance exercise. Try it and see the difference!

Make sure you consult a doctor before starting any exercise programmes.

Nicky Clements

Nicky Clements

Personal Trainer

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