Ideas on how to make your Bonfire party go with a bang!

Ideas on how to make your  Bonfire party go with a bang!

I think there is something incredibly romantic about Bonfire Night. It turns even the coldest, wettest night into an adventure. It is a night of lights, explosions, rolling mist, the smell of gun powder in the air. Kids love it, large and small, so why not celebrate this exciting night and have a party for your friends and family? Here are my tips on how to have a great Guy Fawkes! 

1. Remember to keep it simple

The most important part of any party planning is to remember this. You do not need coordinating cups, napkins and table cloths, centre pieces nor bunting. You do not need to cater for 30 people extra, just in case! Do not experiment with the latest food trends, as people don’t really want a Deconstructed Trifle or Rabbit 3ways while stood in your back garden. 

Go with what you know, what is loved and expected on a Bonfire Night and you will have a great night.  

2. Keep the cold out 

Warming bites to eat and yummy spiced drinks are always popular and so simple for your to prepare in advance.;

I recommend the old favourites such as Hot Dogs, buttery corn on the cob and spiced bean burritos. For dessert, toffee apples, popcorn and marshmallows for the children to roast on the fire. Make sure they have an adult with them.

For a perfect bonfire night spiced punch I recommend Del Monte’s Occasions Pineapple Mojito blended with ginger beer and a little dark rum, warmed with fresh cinnamon sticks and star anise for the grown-ups. For the kids why not try Del Monte’s Sour Apple Fruit Burst served warm? That should keep everyone very happy. 

3. Whizz bang! 

If you hold a small display in your garden, do let the neighbours know and make sure the four legged friends are all safely indoors. Always follow every safety instruction to the word and never return to a lit firework. 

Just a few fireworks and a well-made compact, bonfire is all you need to set the scene for the night. You don’t need to compete with the Olympics. 

If you do decide to have people over after going to a public display then why not pack a few packets of indoor sparklers for their arrival – this will give you time to get the hot dogs on.

4. Enjoy yourself!

It’s your party too.  

So long as everyone is safe, the guests are fed and watered all you need do is grab your favourite woolly jumper, wrap your scarf around you, pick up a toffee apple and enjoy a night full of sparkle and magic.

...even if it does rain! 

Bronwen Roll

Bronwen Roll

Party Planning Expert

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